Top Beard Trends To Follow This Summer


It has been undeniable that beards are not just indicators of masculinity anymore but rather a fashion statement for men. From young boys getting gifted their first shaving kit to that 60-year-old man who just started keeping a goatee, beards are becoming a trend. The best part about growing a beard is that there’s a beard for every face shape, and knowing the perfect beard for your face is a head start for keeping one. Before settling on anything, remember that choosing a beard style according to your face shape is critical. Once you master that art, it can do wonders for your suave look. From a subtly decent stubble to a rad Viking beard, there is a range of styles to choose from, and we got you through all of them.

The classic stubble:

Nothing beats an excellent stubble. Not too short and not too long, it is an absolute show snatcher that doesn’t go out of style. Being the easiest to maintain, you have to let your hair grow out for two to three days to achieve that look.

If you are going for this look, it will look best if you also have short hair to sport the stubble properly. This look goes the best with an elongated face.

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Fuller Beard:

Also, as a beard to rock with an elongated face, this style adds a little spice to the mixture. One thing we are sure about a full beard is that it’s harder to grow than it looks. It is a slow and gradual process that calls for mindful grooming. It needs proper styling, but also the accompaniment of a compatible haircut goes a long way. Recommended products for achieving this beard style are using the beard growth oil available at Mufasa man.

Biker Beard:

More similar to a Viking-style beard, this style takes a dramatic sports boy turn. Anything below the chin area with extra length is a biker beard, and for that, the sky is the limit. All face shapes can sport this style because of its versatility. This bushy mess adds a prominent masculine ruggedness to your look, which is very leather jacket-esque. And if you have a prominent jawline, this beard is a win-win for you.

The beardstache:

This style gives off a very royal-ish vibe, and not everyone has the guts to sport it, but the ones that do are a sight to see. Being of an experimental nature, it is an alternative to the hot and sunny days of the summer, as you can go as far as keeping a little bit of stubble to a lot. This style goes well with a squarish face. Beard serums help give this type of beard a style and a great charm.

The Van Dyke Beard Style:

For those willing to go crazy, this beard is definitely for you. This trend features a long, classy mustache and a goatee with cheeks. Curling your mustache would be a bonus point for sure. The Van Dyke beard style can make a round face look narrow, adding a slight edge. This beard trick is a savior for men who struggle to grow a full beard. 

The key to keeping up with beard trends is regular use of aftershave, moisturizer, compatible shaving cream and skincare products. Mufasa man is your go-to place for all these products and keeping up with the latest beard trends.