Hair Serum - Mufasaman
Hair Serum - Mufasaman
Hair Serum - Mufasaman

Hair Serum

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This nutrient-rich yet lightweight hair serum is packed with the goodness of hydrating ingredients like Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Spearmint, and Lemon to keep those strands generously hydrated and frizz-free.


  • Lightweight application
  • Protects from sun-damage
  • Softens hair and adds shine
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Nourishes follicles
  • Promotes hair health
  • Shinier and manageable hair


  • Argan oil provides sun protection and restores smooth hair texture
  • Vitamin E promotes healthy follicles
  • Spearmint Oil is anti-dandruff and treats scalp conditions
  • Lemon Oil improves hair growth maintain scalp health
  • Rosemary Oil stimulates hair growth and prevents premature baldness
  • Lavender Oil generates hair growth cells
  • Jojoba Oil retains moisture and deeply softens hair
  • Ylang Ylang Oil improves hair texture and reduce hair breakage
  • Peppermint Oil improves blood flow
  • Tea Tree Oil unclogs and nourishes roots
  • Almond Oil moisturises and nourishes skin
  • Coco C8 improves scalp health


  • Take 5-6 drops of Mufasa Man Hair Serum
  • Apply on hair with fingertips
  • Comb and style your hair
  • Fix strays as needed


  • No Deceptions. Only The Truth. Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Plant powered goodness ensures results after consistent use
  • Moisturises follicles
  • Treats frizz and dryness
  • Get soft, manageable hair


  • 100% plant-powered
  • Parabens-free
  • Cold-pressed
  • Cruelty-free
  • Silicone-free

1. Hydrating blend that conditions the hair and adds shine
2. Plant-based and cold-pressed extracts
3. Lightweight, vitamin-rich leave-on hair serum
4. Free from silicone, parabens, and phthalates
5. 100% cruelty free