Tips & Tricks to make your Hair Grow Faster


Everybody would love to have thicker and voluminous hair as it plays a pivotal role in the fashion sense of an individual. Thick hair is essential to match up with our outfits and body postures. Now the question that poses in any individual's mind would be how to protect the hair always without losing its luster. Changing the type of shampoo you use to taking supplements for hair loss, there is a large array of hair growth solutions that we can try to prevent the entangling of hair.

Talking mainly about men's hair loss, it is a topic that is most often brushed under the carpet. A lot of hair loss products are not available for men's hair loss issues, as most male pattern baldness is genetic. Nobody ever wants to lose his hair, but for most of them, it is a problem where they cannot find a solution. If hair loss is making you extremely anxious, it is better not to wait for a miraculous cure. Instead, these general tips will help you to maintain proper hair growth.

  • Beware of the blow dryer:

Blow drying makes your hair look shiny and voluminous, enhancing your party look. Constant drying of your hair will make your hair brittle, as it will be devoid of all its natural proteins.

  • Let your hair dry naturally:

When the hair is wet, it loses its glamorous look. Hence people use dryers for instantaneous drying, which is not always good. If you vigorously towel-dry your hair, it will inevitably lead to the snapping of healthy hair.

  • Ditch your comb:

Frequent combing and continuous brushing can make thin hair look flat. Instead, to add volume and texture to your hair, it should be appropriately done with your fingers.

  • Avoid smoking:

As per the report from Harward School of Public Health, smoking increases levels of hormones that can trigger hair loss. As smoking also constricts the tiny blood vessels that supply the scalp, your hair will be deficient in the nutrients it needs for growth.

  • Get a better haircut:

Some people will experiment with their hair by getting numerous haircuts to grab attention from the people with whom they are interacting or sometimes for their satisfaction. While doing a haircut, it should be noted that the haircut should be compatible with your face, and the hair loss must not be too conspicuous.

Product-based tips:

  • Take hair-based supplements:

Sometimes we may not be aware of the lingering deficiencies in our bodies. Multivitamins containing vitamin B, zinc, iron, and at least 2000 international units of vitamin D, will promote hair growth and hair quality. Contact your physician to clarify your doubts.

  • Use hair growth oils:

We often underestimate how much natural and herbal ingredients significantly nourish our bodies. Mufasa Man offers a large selection of hair growth oils and elixir oils infused with hand-picked and top-quality ingredients such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and jojoba oils. All these products are authentically formulated, plant-based and paraben-free.


Honestly, using hair serums is a game-changer. The main difference between hair oils and hair serums is that the former is the stuff that provides your hair with all the nutritious goodies; the latter is used for styling, smoothening, and moisturizing your hair strands. Hair serums also get rid of any split ends, which would make the hair appear like it isn't growing. Providing your hair with nutrition alone is not enough but using serums is a great way to kickstart the 'look' part.


  • Use silk pillow covers instead of cotton ones, as it helps reduces friction and hence the breakage of hair.
  • Don't just oil the scalp; pay attention to the hair strands.
  • Avoid washing your hair with boiling water. Lukewarm water is sufficient for maintaining the quality of the hair.
Eat a balanced diet enriched with iron, zinc, and copper.