Myths vs Facts for Hair Growth

Myths vs Facts for Hair Growth - Mufasaman

Is your personality interrelated to your hairstyle? You would be unrecognizable without your typical hairdo, so your hair truly defines you. The prominence of hair styling and the hair care industry in today's fast-paced world indicates this. You may know how to style it or if you want to get those bangs you've been eyeing at your next salon visit, you hardly realize that there's a lot of strange stuff going on up there that we seldom think of. Here are some interesting facts about your hair that you might not know:

Myth: Your hair always keeps growing

Fact: At most, only 90% of your hair is growing at any given moment. Your hair follicle rests during the telogen phase. The hair shaft is likewise in a dormant state, with no further growth. At any given moment, between 10% and 15% of the hair on your head, face, and body is in this phase. The telogen phase, like the anagen phase, is variable in length. The telogen phase of most body hair lasts only a few weeks, but the telogen phase of scalp hair can last up to a year. When it comes to the health and growth of hair, the factors that play a predominant role are genetics, hormones, diet and stress levels of the individual.

Myth: Healthy hair isn't supposed to fall out

Fact: It is pretty normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair every day. This is called the shedding phase of your hair cycle, as excessive hair shedding occurs when the body sheds considerably more hair each day. Telogen effluvium is the medical term for this disorder.

Myth: Men are more prone than women to have hair loss.           

Fact: Hair loss is equally prevalent in men and women. The distinction is that hair loss in men begins at the crown and frontal hairline. It is dispersed throughout the whole scalp in women, making it less noticeable.   

Myth: Plucking one gray hair can result in the growth of many gray hairs from the scalp.                                                                                                                                          Fact: Melanin in the hair follicle is responsible for hair color. As a result, when cells stop generating melanin pigment, the hair turns gray or white. As a result, plucking gray hair will not increase the number of them.

Myth: Frequently brushing your hair makes it seem healthier.                                                         

Fact: This has now been proven to harm your hair. Brushing removes hair that isn't ready to come out, and constant brushing damages good hair. Brush lightly simply to style, not to stimulate the scalp.

Myth: Hair loss is more common on the maternal side of the family.                                         

Fact: Hair loss can be a hereditary inheritance from any side of the family, according to scientific studies. It might be either paternal or maternal in nature.

Myth: Trimming your hair leads to thinning of hair.                    

Fact: Trimming your hair does not affect your hair growth.        

Trimming your hair does not stop the hair growth cycle or make it grow slower. However, trimming your hair is essential to eliminate the split ends that may be preventing you from reaching your ideal hair length. It also creates a delusion that the hair is not growing.

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