Guide to men's grooming

Guide to men's grooming - Mufasaman

In today's world, being presentable and best-dressed is nothing short of impressionable. Men's grooming products are much more focused than they were a decade ago. Since the collagen content in their skin is high, they need to use products that cater to their needs. Mufasa Man is one of the pioneering brands in India for men's grooming. They carry authentically curated formulations for hair and beard care that show effective results. Along with incorporating Mufasa Man products into your daily routine, this grooming guide will help you attain perfection in your looks:

Skin grooming

As a man, your skin texture is determined by the hormone testosterone. A higher presence of testosterone in the body leads to higher oil production, which might cause acne breakouts. As a result, you might have larger pores and oily skin. Additionally, constant shaving and trimming of facial hair can make your skin vulnerable to irritation, cuts and bumps. For these problems, moisturizing daily is vital. Inculcate oil-free and fragrance-free products as they do not clog your pores or irritate your skin. Further, keep harsh products such as scrubs at a distance.

Beard grooming

Growing a beard is challenging, but maintaining one is much more difficult. Although, it isn't a puzzle you can't solve. When you first start growing a beard, the growth may make your skin dry and itchy. Products specially formulated for beard care, such as serums and oils, should be used. Their moisturizing and nourishing properties make this process hassle-free. 

What are the beard care products by Mufasa?

Mufasa Man Beard Care Kit contains Mufasa Man Beard Growth Oil, Beard Nourishing Oil, and Beard Serum, all of which are highly nourishing. This beard care regime is formulated with natural cold-pressed products such as Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Ylang Ylang Oil to help you boost your beard game. 

-Their beard nourishing oil prevents dryness and itchiness and treats brittle hair. 

-The Beard Growth Oil moisturizes and conditions your hair. 

-The beard serum hydrates and makes your beard presentable.

Hair grooming

Using shampoos every day can't be a good idea. Why? Firstly, it can cause your scalp to dry out, leading to dandruff quickly. And secondly, it can stimulate hair loss. If you look in the mirror every time to see a receding hairline, you can blame your products than your genetics. 

Hair care products such as growth oils can be a great way to boost hair growth and keep them smooth and lustrous. Additionally, a regular trim will work wonders as they eliminate split ends and aid in proper regrowth. 

How can Mufasa Man help?

The Mufasa Man Haircare Kit includes the amazing combination of the Mufasa Man Hair Growth Oil and Hair Serum, which are infused with cold-pressed natural ingredients such as Lavender, Rosemary Oil and Argan Oil. These ingredients deeply nourish the scalp and promote a healthy growth cycle. Their silicone-free and hydrating formulations reverse hair damage. 

-The hair growth oil increases circulation to promote thicker, denser hair growth. 

-The hair serum nourishes your hair while keeping it frizz-free.

Mufasa Man is a luxury grooming brand for men that provide deeply nourishing and chemical-free products. The new-age men who embrace their inner drive and live a bearded lifestyle go by the name Mufasa Man. Indulge in the unresisting journey of grooming and self-care by Mufasa Man.