Beard Care Rituals

Beard Care Rituals - Mufasaman

Beard trends go in and out of style over the years, but beards never do. What was formerly considered trendy may now seem mainstream. As tricky as it is to grow a beard, it is even more challenging to maintain a beard care ritual and stay on top of popular beard trends. So here's a guide to the latest trends, beard types, and maintenance. 

Types of beards

Typically, you can select which beard style suits you the most based on your face shape. This technique accentuates your features and brings you more into your element.

Corporate beard: The corporate beard has a mustache and is broad and thick along the jawline, but it is clipped short so that the face is not obscured. This trendy beard style has a full coverage beard with all hairs clipped to the same length.

Short beard styles: Maintaining a short beard is one of the best ways to make it look stylish. This entails shaving, regularly trimming, and keeping the edges tidy. The beard should also develop longer hairs in the chin area, which will lengthen and slim the face.

Long beard: The significant full beard has become a status symbol and the ultimate fashion accessory. Big, burly beards are popular, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to facial hair. Long beards are less about your face shape and more about your hair growth and maintenance.

Full beard: The full beard is a natural style you may get by just growing your beard. Since this is a popular long beard style, developing a complete beard that gives thickness and covering will take several months. Naturally, the thickness and fullness of your facial hair will be determined by your genetics, nutrition, stress, and dedication.

Beard growing trends

Let's take a look at the top trending beard styles in 2022.

The Beardstache: The beardstache adds a certain ruggedness to your face and is the perfect alternative during summer. It also displays your jaw, chin, and cheeks, so if you have a strong jawline, you can have a beardstache to demonstrate that you can sport a beard without hiding your jawline.

If you have a triangle or square-shaped face, you are the best contender for this beardstache.

Van Dyke Beard: The Van Dyke beard is ideal for younger gentlemen and those with patchier hair growth. A classic goatee with a soul patch and an unconnected mustache distinguishes the look. The cheekbones and jawline should be kept clean, and the length should be cut now and again.

The hipster beard: This beard is a carefully trimmed handlebar mustache and faded sideburns, along with short-length hair to complete the look. It looks very stylish if appropriately maintained. Growing a proper long beard takes a lot of time and effort, which can irritate and dry out your skin, causing a lot of itching. Don't forget to hydrate and moisturize your beard.

The Uniform beard: It is exactly like it sounds; the beard length is uniformly trimmed from all sides. You get the liberty to choose the length, but it needs to be cut and maintained. This beard can contradict those who say that beards can not look professional. Since not every facial hair grows at the same rate, this beard style might take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to develop.

Long Goatee beard: One of the hottest and boldest beard trends in 2022 is the long goatee beard. It connects your goatee directly to the length of your beard. Pairing this style of beard with a connecting mustache will make it look ten folds better.

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