5 Step Winter Hair Care Regime for Men

5 Step Winter Hair Care Regime for Men - Mufasaman

It’s a stereotype that only women are concerned about their hair, men are equally worried about their hair too. Now, men know how important it is to maintain the health of their hair. For that, you don’t need frequent haircuts, it’s a myth! Frequent haircuts will only make your hair look presentable and in order to maintain the health of your hair, you need certain tips.

Winter is around the corner! A time when we come across various hair problems like hair fall, dry scalp, dandruff, and so on. Isn’t it? Well, you can overcome these problems with winter hair care tips.  Let’s jump in!

 Winter Hair Care Regimes for Men for a Good Hair Day!

You need to pay more attention to your hair during winter. Excessive hair loss is a common problem, let’s know how you can prevent such a problem.

  • Never Wash Your Hair with Hot Water

I know it’s winter and you can’t afford to shower in cold water. But, it’s only for your hair, you must use cold water to wash your hair. Generally, hot water makes hair drier than before, therefore washing your hair with cold water prevents hair from drying out.

  • More Use of Conditioner in Winter Season

Another way of preventing dry hair is the application of more conditioner than shampoo. Conditioner is like a moisturizer boost and becomes your hair’s best friend in winter. Try to use herbal and plant-based products for your hair to glow naturally.

  • Wear Cap

Irrespective of the season, you must wear a cap to protect your hair from dust and pollution. Dust and pollutants contribute to excessive hair loss. Hence, to protect your hair health, you must carry a cap with you whenever you are traveling or going out.

  • Pay Close Attention to Your Diet

You may also include fruits that help to improve your hair health.  Bananas, strawberries, papaya, gooseberries, guavas, apples, and oranges are a few fruits that must be included in your diet for nourishing hair.

  • Oil Treatment

Dry hair is frequent in the winter season and for that, you also require oil treatment. Oiling your hair on alternative days will be favorable for your hair growth and health. Be particular about choosing your oil treatment products.

  • Shampoo your Scalp

Don’t just apply shampoo on your hair, massage it through your As ascalp too. This helps in preventing dry scalp and improves hair texture.

  • Control your Stress Level

Did you know that taking too much stress has an adverse effect on your hair? Work on reducing your stress level as it also leads to hair loss. Devote some time to yoga and meditation to reduce your stress level and also prevent hair fall.

Summing up

When it comes to your hair health, always trust well-known brands. Musfasa Man is known for providing 100% plant-based hair and beard care products. Trust the herbal product for a bold, brilliant, and classy look.

Don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned winter care tips for smooth and nourishing hair. Take a look at the products for more details.