10 Best Methods to maintain your bushy beard


Men's grooming and look are symbolized by their beards. Maintaining a healthy beard needs a lot of effort and attention. Men with facial hair put forth a lot of effort and fight to maintain their beard's appearance. If the beard is properly cared for and treated regularly, it can improve in terms of growth, style, and thickness. Many brands and products facilitate men’s hair care and beard growth which proves to be an easy way of daily routine care.

One of the leading brands is Mufasa Man which has a wide range of men’s grooming kits and products that one can purchase. It is beneficial for hair care and beard care products. Their premium line of items is manufactured with care, is environmentally friendly, and is devoid of dangerous chemicals. So, it is a good option to nourish your beard without the fear of getting damaged due to chemicals. Following are how one can maintain their beard:

Patience is the Key

Self-control is the key to growing a truly magnificent beard. If you're just starting, avoid the impulse to cut or style your hair during the first 4-6 weeks. This will help you choose a style that matches your hair's length and thickness by allowing it to grow evenly. Mufasa Man’s beard oil can enhance beard growth evenly.

Beard Care

Beard growth and shape do come naturally to some individuals when they reach the age of puberty. However, the process thereafter also becomes crucial to keep it maintained. The basic procedure to keep the beard in good form includes washing, trimming, styling, conditioning, and brushing. Mufasa Man’s beard grooming kit can help you follow all these steps.

Beard Shape

You must decide the kind of beard structure you want to keep according to the atmosphere around you. There can be a professional look or a casual look. However, one must keep their beard in tune with their face shape.

Beard Wash

Maintaining a clean and moisturized beard is the first step in proper grooming. For starters, cleaning your beard twice or three times a week can help to reduce itching and dandruff while also boosting development. Mufasa Man has beard grooming products including shampoo for a regular wash.

Beard Oil Treatment

Applying beard oil does give a positive impact on the beard as it grows and nourishes within days. Beard oil may provide extra smoothness and nourishment to your beard. Applying beard oil to your beard can maintain it moisturized and healthy. Mufasa Man presents you with beard growth oil with a rich blend of pure essential oils and hand-picked natural ingredients.


Beard can grow as per your desired way only if you meet the required nutrients. Beard requires protein and fat with a variety of vitamins such as B5, B3, and B9 vitamins. So it is equally important to consume nuts, meats, milk, veggies, and egg yolks.

Trimming Ritual

Trimming is necessary for a perfectly-done beard, even if you want to grow it out. Look for a good trimmer and learn how to use it according to your ritual plan. For beard nourishment, try Mufasa Man’s beard nourishing oil for designing your beard to a fine form.

Brush and Train

Using a comb or beard brush regularly will wrangle obstinate hairs and train them to mature downward. Wooden combs can also help disseminate your body's natural oils throughout all of your hairs. Comb your hair after applying Mufasa Man’s beard serum and obtain better results.

Training the Beard

It might be difficult to train beard hair. Brushing your beard consistently every day after a shower is the greatest approach to training it. You can better regulate the pattern of development if you groom your beard as it develops.

Style your beard

Keep trying different styles of beard and notice which style supports your grooming. There may be a certain beard style that supports the growth, smoothening and proper pattern of development. Keep multiple options for the same and impress with a stylish beard.

Mufasa Man can help you stay on top of the latest beard trends and use the proper products to groom your hair to look the best.