Our Story

It all started with a man and his magnificent beard pondering over the idea of men's grooming and personal care.

This gentleman realized the dearth of quality grooming and resolved to turn the tide of the men's grooming industry. He decided to take matters into his own hands when he realized that decades of resorting to conventional beard fixers didn’t serve the problem of managing untrimmed beards. He set out on a course to curate a range of premium men’s grooming products that will eliminate the issues of itching and stickiness left behind by the white cast of ordinary beard-setters.

Our brand’s philosophy essentially strives to dismantle the archaic notion that indulgence or self-care is not for men. Mufasa Man is the arrival of the new-age beardsmen who believe in the depth of true substance and embrace their inner drive with a bearded lifestyle. Our clean and chemical-free products made with hand-picked, natural, and cold-pressed ingredients, redefine personal-care regimes and rituals for men.

Indulge in a premier grooming and self-care experience with Mufasa Man.